Family Tree painting

Capitan Jack was nicknamed “the killer” because of his cruelty towards any people. But somehow someday, he fell in love at the first sight with some girl named Charlotte. She was a concubine on one of his pirate ships. How she possessed his heart no one knows, but there are legends about it. They’ve brought up a kid named Steve.

Steve was brought up in the same manner as his father, but unlike him, at least he was taking showers. By then, pirates didn’t exist but he became captain of a ship and traveled half the world. Didn’t see much but found the one who who fell in love with his brutal and savage heart. There’s not much to say about Katy, except she was a home maker and the one who raised the captain’s daughter Jhene

Jhene was raised by her mother because her father used to swim. She didn’t take any swing from her father because he didn’t raise her. she was a very diligent and nice girl. She met aristocrat Jeff with whom they came aboard a mayflower ship. This is probably life-changing event in whole family history.

It was already clear that their son would be aristocratic blood and will play a dominant role in the formation of the United States. He practically built the state of Ohio with his own hands and administered the States for many years. He’s the only one in the whole family who made two kids. The boy was named Jacob and daughter Kerry

Kerry stayed in Ohio and became a showgirl in some local pub. There she was seen by Maki who was a pretty girl enthusiast but the birth of their future son changed his plans for his future life

As for Jacob, he moved to Boston and became an important official with a great reputation in society

Malcolm and Diva were south side supporters. Malcolm was a Southerner and was the commander of one of the companies. However, the company didn’t go well, as we all know. During the war he died but left a young boy in this world before he was killed.

Danny lived in the country side till 30 years old with his mother. So that Danny wouldn’t be left alone, his mother advised to go for the girl who lived on the same street as they did. The result of their marriage was the birth of a daughter Jorja.

Jay and Katrin were North Side supporters and unlike the Malcolm family, they did the best they could to save the family and keep their traditions. After the war they studied science and developed family business in their hometown.

Their daughter Lisa was very important woman in American history. She fought for women’s rights. Her power and strength gave women the right to vote. Her name name was forever written in history. In all her endeavours, she was assisted by her husband Taylor, who was a lawyer. They a kid Roy.

Jorja and Marc have no clue that they are so closely related to each other. They have absolutely different last names and family history. They met each other on thanksgiving, they’ve decorated and cooked the meal for homeless and hungry people there. Their friendship grew into serious relationship and they got married. Jorja was pregnant with a baby boy.

The kids name is Oliver. He lives in the New York. He grows like an ordinary child. Goes to school and never misses any Giants game. But, for the god’s sake, why he’s so obsessed with pirates…

To come back to the point mentioned above, I would like to say that family tree is like evolutionary chain, it’s goes from simple to complex and sensible forms. But the most important thing is, everything came a full circle.




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